The following are a collection of powerful testimonials from those who have viewed our film, or used it as a training tool taken from an online survey. 

“As a survivor of domestic violence I thought the film was so perfectly written and acted. It was like you were telling my story, so true to what happens in an abusive relationship. I too went to go out of the door many times only to end up staying 11 yrs. I finally got the courage to leave 6 yrs ago and now work supporting others. Thank you.”

Vicky, Survivor


“To say we were impressed with Leaving would be a vast understatement”
District Judge Marilyn Mornington, Inter Governmental Group on Domestic Violence


“Avon & Somerset Constabulary have been using the DVD 'Leaving' for over a year and find it a fresh, dynamic, realistic, hard-hitting, well filmed and produced resource which achieves in 23 minutes what often took over a day to achieve through classroom discussion. As professionals, we are often not present when a victim is abused, but the film allows us to observe for ourselves the behaviour of the offender. We are also privy to her thoughts and recollections, providing a unique position for the student watching, which cuts through all their preconceived ideas, and challenges their bias. Our experience has been that experienced police officers say that the film, and the resulting discussion will change their practice, and has encouraged them to be more proactive when dealing with incidents of Domestic Abuse.”
Liz Gilvear Public Protection and Safeguarding Children Training Coordinator Avon & Somerset Constabulary


“How powerful it was in showing how difficult it can be to leave. I think everyone would benefit from watching it as you don't know in what capacity you may come into contact with victim.”
Omara Ashraf Wiltshire Probation


“The film was very realistic and well produced. It will make me be more thorough in assessing risks and careful safety planning.”
Sadie Boner, DASL


“I thought Leaving portrayed how hard it can be for women to leave really well. The film has made me think of perpetrators differently. It was quite unnerving to see how the perpetrator in the film was caring and then cold so quickly.”
Suhana Begum, Tower Hamlets Domestic Violence Team (volunteer)


“Leaving was very powerful indeed in a short space of time. The film made me feel very sad and determined to do my best as a professional to help victims access help.”
Momotaz Ahmed, Homeless Services, Tower Hamlets


“The film was powerful, without too much violence and still got the message out. It has made me want to look at messages behind behaviour, make information related to domestic violence more available, as well as be more available to listen and build trust with individuals.”
Anon, DV worker and former victim, Oxfordshire


“Very good acting, Helen specifically. I felt her torment. I cried as I found it so moving. I liked the questions it raised about Liam and the cycle that was forming. It showed how the services (nurse) possibly could do more about speaking to the lady alone. The film has made me better understand the victim's difficulties and better understand the impact on children.”
Michelle Charlesworth, AZ Dominion Oxford Refuge


“The film highlights the many attempts taken before being able to leave and showed very clearly the cycles the perpetrator went through: control - violence - affection - forgiveness - control etc. The film has made me want to encourage DV training! I want to make sure that the first port of call, usually A&E or other healthcare professionals see the woman on her own in order to be able to disclose abuse. It also made me realise the importance of helpline numbers being discreet and leaflets not being too big and obvious.”
Anon, Oxfordshire


“The film was a realistic portrayal of domestic abuse. It made me feel angry, emotional, helpless, sad and ignorant - as this is probably happening to people I know and I have not been instrumental in intervening. It has made me want to share information about domestic abuse support.”
Fay Brown, Social and Community Services, Oxfordshire


“It gave a true portrayal of a family living with DV. I felt emotional, sad and sick to stomach. I may use it as a ‘case study’ with some of my women, especially if they are really/completely in denial.”
Sue Wook, Thames Valley Probation


“I liked the way the film showed how difficult it is to leave. It has made me respect people in abusive relationships more”
Chloe Hillsdow, Vale of White Horse District Council


“Thought provoking around victim, child, perpetrator. Highlighted missed opportunities to spot the violence. As a manager I will listen and look more clearly for issues that affect performance.”
Karen Homans, PACT (Parents and Children Together)


“I liked the realism and the fact that it showed the impact on aspects of life outside the home, i.e. work. I want to raise awareness with my staff.”
Carole Kinnell, Oxford City Council


“Very powerful and moving. I will fight more for DV victims”
Claire Dalton, Victim Support


“Accessible emotionally, very powerful with excellent acting. It has made me want to revisit training for helpline workers”
Karen Diver, Oxfordshire Domestic Abuse Services AZ Dominian


“It's easy to forget the reality of domestic abuse on a daily basis when engaged in working for solutions. The film reminds me to keep that reality in sight, especially when frustrated by victims’ apparent reluctance to engage.”
George Howat, North Wales Police domestic abuse co-ordinator/officer


"This film just hit me harder than any other. It stayed with me and moved me deeply, which is hard to do. It was courageous and painful.”
Rutger Hauer, Actor


“Society needs to recognise the importance of providing education regarding domestic violence and the effect it has upon all those who experience it. Congratulations to the makers of Leaving, who have done such a wonderful job.”
Jenni Manners, MBE, Swindon Women’s Refuge